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Mossberg 590A1 SPX, 20.00” Barrel, Ghost Ring Sight, 8RD Magazine, Bayonet, 12GA


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Title: Mossberg 590A1 Canada: An In-Depth Review and Guide

The Mossberg 590A1 canada is a reliable and robust shotgun that has gained significant popularity among shooting enthusiasts in Canada. In this comprehensive SEO content, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the Mossberg 590A1 canada, highlighting its features, benefits, and legal considerations specific to the Canadian market. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner looking for a high-quality shotgun, this guide will equip you with valuable insights into the Mossberg 590A1 canada in the Canadian context.

mossberg 590a1 canada overview

  • Design and Construction: The Mossberg 590A1 canada is a pump-action shotgun featuring a durable and rugged design. It is built on a military-grade aluminum alloy receiver, providing strength and reliability even in demanding shooting conditions.
  • Capacity and Barrel Length: The shotgun typically comes with a 6+1 or 8+1 capacity, depending on the model. The barrel length options range from 18.5 to 20 inches, striking a balance between maneuverability and effective range.
  • Ghost Ring Sights: The Mossberg 590A1 is often equipped with robust ghost ring sights, consisting of a rear aperture sight and a protected front sight post. These sights offer quick target acquisition and enhanced accuracy.

The Mossberg 590A1 canada is an updated version of the 590 that features improved durability and reliability. It has a heavy-walled barrel and a metal trigger assembly, and is designed to withstand the rigors of military and law enforcement use.

MilSpec construction: the only pump action shotgun to pass MilSpec 3443E; Parkerized or Marinecote finishes on heavy-walled barrels; metal trigger guard and safety buttons. Select models feature tactical tri-rail forends, 6-position adjustable stocks, picatinny top rails, and specialty sight packages.

Key Features and Benefits Mossberg 590A1 canada

  • Mil-Spec Construction: The Mossberg 590A1 canada is built to meet or exceed military specifications, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. It is designed to withstand rigorous use and adverse conditions.
  • Heavy-Walled Barrel: The shotgun is equipped with a heavy-walled barrel, which enhances its strength and durability. This feature allows for the use of a bayonet lug, making it a versatile and tactical option.
  • Ambidextrous Operation: The Mossberg 590A1 is designed with ambidextrous features, including a reversible safety and sling swivel studs, catering to both right-handed and left-handed shooters.
  • Accessory Compatibility: The shotgun features a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver, providing the opportunity to mount various accessories such as red dot sights, scopes, or tactical lights to suit individual preferences and shooting applications.

Legal Considerations in Canada

  • Non-Restricted Classification: The Mossberg 590A1 canada is typically classified as a non-restricted firearm in Canada. As such, it is subject to fewer restrictions compared to restricted or prohibited firearms.
  • Licensing and Storage: To own and possess the Mossberg 590A1 in Canada, individuals must hold a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) for non-restricted firearms. Proper storage and transportation requirements must also be followed in compliance with Canadian firearms regulations.

Practical Applications of Mossberg 590A1 canada

  • Home Defense: The Mossberg 590A1 canada is a popular choice for home defense due to its reliability, ease of use, and close-quarters effectiveness.
  • Law Enforcement and Military Use: The shotgun’s mil-spec construction and durability make it suitable for law enforcement and military applications, including tactical operations and training scenarios.
  • Recreational Shooting: The Mossberg 590A1 is also widely used for recreational shooting, including clay target sports and hunting, thanks to its versatility and reliability.

History of Mossberg 590A1 canada

Here’s a brief history of the Mossberg 590A1 canada:

  1. Introduction of the Mossberg 500 Series:
    The Mossberg 590A1 canada is part of the Mossberg 500 series, which was first introduced by O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. in the 1960s. The Mossberg 500 series shotguns were designed to offer reliable performance and versatility for a wide range of applications.
  2. Development of the Mossberg 590A1:
    In the early 1980s, Mossberg developed an upgraded version of the Mossberg 500 called the Mossberg 590. The Mossberg 590 featured a number of enhancements, including a heavier barrel, a metal trigger guard, and a bayonet lug. These modifications were made to meet the specific requirements of military and law enforcement agencies.
  3. Introduction of the Mossberg 590A1:
    Building on the success of the Mossberg 590, Mossberg introduced the Mossberg 590A1 variant. The Mossberg 590A1 was designed to meet and exceed the rigorous standards set by the U.S. military for combat shotguns. It was developed in close collaboration with the U.S. Armed Forces and underwent extensive testing to ensure its reliability and durability in combat situations.
  4. Features and Design:
    The Mossberg 590A1 features a rugged and robust design. It is built on a durable aluminum receiver and incorporates a heavy-walled barrel for added strength and durability. The shotgun typically comes with a 6 or 9-round capacity and is available with various barrel lengths and stock configurations to suit different needs and preferences.
  5. Military and Law Enforcement Adoption:
    The Mossberg 590A1 has gained widespread adoption by military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Its reputation for reliability, durability, and ease of use has made it a popular choice for combat and tactical operations. The shotgun has seen service with various branches of the U.S. military and has been used in numerous conflicts and operations globally.
  6. Civilian Market:
    The Mossberg 590A1 has also found a strong following in the civilian market. Its military-grade construction, combined with its reliable performance, has made it a sought-after shotgun for home defense, recreational shooting, and competitive shooting sports.

The Mossberg 590A1 is a highly regarded shotgun that has a rich history rooted in the Mossberg 500 series. Its development as a military-grade shotgun and its subsequent adoption by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide have solidified its reputation as a reliable and durable firearm. Whether for military, law enforcement, or civilian use, the Mossberg 590A1 continues to be a popular choice for shooters seeking a versatile and dependable shotgun.


mossberg 590a1 canada SPECS

Gauge 12
Capacity 8+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Heavy-Walled
Barrel Length 20″
Sight/Base Ghost Ring
Choke Cylinder Bore
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 14.25″
Barrel Finish Parkerized
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 7.25
Length 41″

mossberg 590a1 canada video review

Conclusion Mossberg 590A1:

The Mossberg 590A1 canada is a highly regarded shotgun that offers exceptional durability, reliability, and versatility for shooting enthusiasts in Canada. With its robust construction, ambidextrous features, and accessory compatibility, the Mossberg 590A1 caters to a range of shooting applications, from home defense to law enforcement and recreational shooting. Remember to adhere to all legal requirements and regulations governing firearm ownership and use in Canada, ensuring safe and responsible enjoyment of the Mossberg 590A1.

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